Central and Eastern European Software Engineering Conference Russia 2016, October, Moscow CEE-SECR 2016 – Central and Eastern European Software Conference in Russia
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Crystal Valentine

Crystal Valentine

VP Technology Strategy

Michael Wong

Michael Wong

VP Research and Development
Codeplay Software

Yuri Panchul

Yuri Panchul

Senior Hardware Design Engineer in MIPS I6400 microprocessor development team

The submission deadline is 29 of July 2016.This year we specifically welcome the high quality talks and papers on the trending topics.

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khritankov_150x150Anton Khritankov

Industrializing Software Product Line Development for Small Companies

We have successfully adopted product line technology to manage reuse for a family of related software products and would like to share our results. Most published case studies on software product line engineering (SPLE) consider large companies and corporations. From our report, you will know how it is possible to apply SPLE to manage product families in small and medium companies. The report will be interesting to project and program managers, heads of product development and project…

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bugaenkoYegor Bugayenko

Why professional programmers hate Agile?

Agile seems to be a very popular management approach, used in many companies. However, truly professional programmers hate it more and more. Mostly because it is not applied correctly in most cases. At my presentation I will summarize the reasons why Agile very often is not accepted by high-skilled developers and what needs to be done in order to resolve that. I will show practical examples from our projects.

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inemIvan Nemytchenko

Why a diploma is not enough to get first job as a programmer

Graduates can’t get a job because of the gap between university programs and needs of IT companies. We’ll build a model to explain how people learn new things. We’ll use this model to solve the problem of gap from both graduates’ and universities’ perspective. And of course you’ll be able to use this model to answer your own questions.

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Yuri Panchul will speak at the Central and Eastern European Software Engineering Conference in Russia 2016

Submission deadline is extended for CEE-SECR 2016

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