Central and Eastern European Software Engineering Conference Russia 2016, October, Moscow CEE-SECR 2016 – Central and Eastern European Software Conference in Russia
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Yuri Panchul

Yuri Panchul

Senior Hardware Design Engineer in MIPS I6400 microprocessor development team

Crystal Valentine

Crystal Valentine

VP Technology Strategy

Michael Wong

Michael Wong

VP Research and Development
Codeplay Software

The submission deadline is 29 of July 2016.This year we specifically welcome the high quality talks and papers on the trending topics.

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sapurinaLilia Sapurina

Developing an Automated Front-End Testing System with Protractor framework

The report describes the work in which the automated testing system is fully implemented. This system providing the user an extensive list of opportunities for testing.Protractor is a new and evolving framework. All presented in the report features are unique. The methods are obtained in a wide range of applications and are suitable for testing any web-based application developed using the Javascript language or AngularJS framework.

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baykinAlexander Baykin

How does global corporation stay alive?

Development and support of enterprise architecture (EA) in global corporation – it is not already a question but a response to the rapidly changing of business, IS and technology. At the master class I will speak about one of the popular frameworks EA – TOGAF, EA modeling language – ArchiMate, and teach how to create a model of EA.

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mukhinaSvetlana Mukhina

How to use Scrum on practice

Use of Scrum from A to Z. The participants will learn Scrum framework from inside by creating paper prototype of martian website. They will find out on practice what roles, artefacts and events exist in Scrum and how it work all together. Workshop 3h

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Yuri Panchul will speak at the Central and Eastern European Software Engineering Conference in Russia 2016

Submission deadline is extended for CEE-SECR 2016

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