Central and Eastern European Software Engineering Conference Russia 2016, October, Moscow CEE-SECR 2016 – Central and Eastern European Software Conference in Russia
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Oleg Koutyrine

Oleg Koutyrine

Architect, HANA Cloud Platform
SAP SE, Walldorf

David West

David West

Mentor, author
Transcendence Corporation

Anatoly Levenchuk

Anatoly Levenchuk


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vadimVadim Tsesko

YoctoDB @ Yandex.Classifieds

We are going to present recently open sourced YoctoDB project — a tiny embedded Java-engine for extremely fast partitioned immutable-after-construction databases. We will briefly describe the architecture of indexing and search components, role and requirements on the search engine and our previous solution. Then we will dive into design and implementation of YoctoDB engine currently being used at Yandex.Auto and Auto.ru. In conclusion we will describe several Java pitfalls met along the…

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lazarenkoAleksandr Lazarenko

Anonymity of Tor: myth and reality

The mechanisms of Tor anonymity will be discussed as well as the methods of users deanonimization, specially designed for breaking the anonymity.

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kvartalnovRoman Kvartalnov

Dashboards and design: Why the designers are here?

We’re involved in a working process with results that don’t arrange the client. The project group asked us to make a job that had been already done but this time client must like it. Naturally we’re in the game but in this talk we’ll tell you how to make dashboards and why the design studio is not only about making “beautiful” designs.

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160 Proposals Submitted to 12th edition of CEE-SECR 2016

Yuri Panchul will speak at the Central and Eastern European Software Engineering Conference in Russia 2016

Размещение в гостинице, транспортное и экскурсионное обслуживание по специальным ценам.


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